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Commercial TGS Packages

INFRA works closely with several of Australia's largest traffic management, construction and utilities maintenance companies to provide out-sourced TGS services at highly discounted rates.

INFRA's commercial TGS packages allow our clients to save around 50% on their traffic planning costs than if they were to source their traffic plans from traditional traffic management companies.

What we offer:

  • Commercial TGS packages start from as little as 10 plans per week.

  • Significant volume discounts are available. The higher the number of TGSs, the lower the price per plan.

  • For Traffic Management Companies, TGSs can be prepared according to your own templates and plan styles so they're indistinguishable from those prepared by your planners. 

  • All TGS are guaranteed to be completed and delivered prior to nominated deadline.

  • Many of our clients are in the utilities Industry so we understand the importance of a quick turnaround. All our plans have a same-day turnaround guarantee.

Keeping accounts

Commercial TGS Packages

  • Significant volume discounts.

  • Manage overheads by outsourcing planning duties.

From 10 plans per week

How would INFRA's Commercial TGS Package benefit my company?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your company deploy at least 10 jobs per week requiring traffic management?

  • Are you currently paying your Traffic Management company a TGS fee of between $150-200 per plan?

  • Do you require a fast turnaround on your TGS?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then INFRA can help you save considerably on your traffic managment costs.

A Case Study

Client 'X' is one of Victoria's largest NBN Installers. They average about 20-30 jobs per week, all requiring Traffic Management. They currently pay their Traffic Management company a TGS fee of $200 per job. Prior to working with INFRA, they were paying their preferred TM company $4000-6000 per week in planning fees, which made up just over 15% of their total Traffic Management costs.

Upon switching to INFRA's Commercial TGS Package, Client X's planning fees reduced to $2000-3000 per week, a saving of between $100,000-150,000 per year.

How much does INFRAs Commercial TGS Package cost?

As our packages are tailored to each of our customers, we cannot provide fixed pricing. However we find that we generally save our customers in the vicinity of 30-50% off their existing traffic planning fees.

We also offer an aggresive sliding scale - as plan volumes increase, the price per plan decreases dramatically, all while retaining our quality and turnaround guarantees.

Enquire today to see how we can help you reduce your planning costs.

Why should you choose INFRA's  Commerical TGS Package?

There are three main reasons:

  1. We can offer incredible cost savings that TM companies simply cannot match.

  2. We offer unrivalled turnaround times that TM companies, with traditional planning departments, cannot beat.

  3. Many TM companies assigned to jobs within the utiliities sector don't actually produce custom TGS for each job. Rather, they rely on experienced Traffic Controllers to mark up a generic set of TGS once they arrive on site, while still charging their clients between $150-200 in planning fees per job.

At INFRA, each and every TGS is bespoke and takes into account the site constraints, surrounding road network and broader factors that an onsite generic markup cannot simply capture.

How does our Commercial TGS package work?

There is only one small change to workflow when our clients sign up for the Commercial TGS package. Instead of only notifying their preferred Traffic Management (TM) company about an upcoming job and letting them take care of the TGS preparation, our clients notify INFRA at the same time. We adapt seamlessly to all of our clients' internal processes to ensure there is no extra work involved. It can be as simple as CC'ing us on scheduling emails, allowing us to integrate with their scheduling software or even having us build a live jobs register. We're very adaptable.

Once we receive an alert for an upcoming job, we assign the job to one of our talented planners who will produce a TGS within a few hours.

The completed TGS is then distributed to the client as well as the TM company in time for the upcoming job.

Ready to let INFRA lessen the load?

  • Are you a newly formed traffic management company looking to keep payroll and overheads low while you grow?

  • Are you an asset maintenance provider who's paying their Traffic Management company $1000's per week for TGSs at $200-250 per plan?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply fill our project form and we'll get back to you within the hour.

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