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Swept Path Analysis

INFRA Engineering provides Swept Path Analysis, Australia-wide, at unbeatable prices and turnaround times.

What we offer:

INFRA Engineering's talented team of planners and engineers is highly experienced with all forms of Swept Path Analysis.

Whether you require a Swept Path Diagram for simple site access issues, or require a complex analysis for the construction of a high-density carpark designed to AS2890.1-2004, we've seen it all.

Swept Path Analysis Image.png

What is a Swept Path Analysis?

Put simply, a Swept Path Analysis determines whether certain vehicles are able to safely navigate car parks, driveways and site access points.

Swept Path Analysis takes into account the size of the car with relation to the size of the environment and simulates typical maneuvers (ie. 3-point turn, u-turn, turning radius, right-hand turns) to determine whether the environment has been adequately designed to ensure vehicles can move as intended throughout the space.

State road authorities or local councils will typically require a Swept Path Analysis to be performed with most Development Applications that involve the construction of a new carpark to AS2890.1-2004 standards.

How much does a Swept path Analysis cost?

We find our rates are often 20-30% lower than traditional transport engineering firms. Enquire now and receive a detailed quote in under an hour. 

Why should you choose INFRA Engineering to produce a Swept Path Analysis?

INFRA Engineering is a collective of expert engineers and planners with unrivalled experience in the traffic and transport industry.

We're a virtual firm, meaning our team members work from their homes or shared spaces all over Australia. Because of our efficient structure, we eschew many of the overheads of traditional engineering firms, meaning we pass on most of our savings to our customers in the form of lower prices.

How long does a Swept Path Analysis take?

For simple Swept Path Analysis you can expect a turnaround of 48 hrs. For more complex projects allow up to 1 week.

Have a question for a Transport Engineer?

  • Are you managing a new council project?

  • Is your new development going to greatly increase the volume of traffic in an residential area?

  • Are you revamping an intersection to address Australia's fast growing congestion issues?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply fill our project form and we'll get back to you within the hour.

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