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Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management Plans (TMP) are multi-page documents that detail how the risks associated with plant and vehicles moving through and around your project are managed. TMPs include at least one TGS in addition to broader considerations such as traffic volume analysis, hazard assessments, noise impacts and environmental considerations of projects.

TMPs are required:

  • For long-term, complex projects that have a significant impact on the surrounding road network;

  • For most utility, civil or consturction work taking place on or near State-owned roads;

  • By local councils prior to Construction Certificates/Permits being granted.

What we offer:

  • Extensive site scoping to ensure every TMP provides a comprehensive overview of all relevant site considerations, including but not limited to:

    • Hazard assessments, traffic volume analysis, environmental considerations, noise pollution assessment. ​

  • Bespoke Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) included with every TMP.

  • We take care of the permit process, applying on your behalf to the relevant Road Authority, leaving you with more time to focus on your project.

  • Approval guaranteed. We've worked with councils and state road authorities for years, so we know what they want to see in a TMP. We offer unlimited revisions during the approval process until a permit is secured.

Building a Bridge

Traffic Management Plans (TMP)

  • Major projects

  • Long-term construction sites

From $650

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

Traffic Management Plans (TMP) help governing bodies, such as State Roads Authorities (eg. Vic Roads TrNSW) or Local Councils, determine the impacts that proposed construction works or events will have on the surrounding transport network as well as understand the measures taken by Traffic Management and the event or construction workers to control the risks and ensure the safety of all workers and road users.

Beyond traffic management and risk control, TMPs also consider the broader effects that the propsoed works will have on the surrounding road network. Among other things, TMPs examine:

  • Emergency arrangements & incident procedures;

  • Approvals & permits;

  • Stakeholder communications;

  • Hazard identification & risk control;

  • Deliveries, storage and site access;

  • Environmental factors.

When compiling a Traffic Management Plan, INFRA Engineering will analyse the existing road network, identify the hazards and propose risk controls and summarise the expected outcomes and constraints on the surrounding transport network. This analysis will accompany expert recommendations on how the impacts can be mitigated to ensure the proposed works can progress in harmony with the surrounding area and inhabitants.

Why should you choose INFRA Engineering for a Traffic Management Plan?

INFRA Engineering is a collective of expert engineers and planners with unrivalled experience in the traffic and transport industry.

We're a virtual firm, meaning our team members work from their homes or shared spaces all over Australia. Because of our efficient structure, we eschew many of the overheads of traditional engineering firms, meaning we pass on most of our savings to our customers in the form of lower prices.

Why do you need a Traffic Management Plan?

Traffic Management Plans are required in a number of instances. Typically, TMPs are required:

  • By State road authorities (Vic Roads, TrNSW etc) to be submitted as part of the permit application process.

  • By many councils as a condition of the Development Application process. TMPs form an integral part of the Construction Management Plan.

  • For complex, long-term roadworks where a governing document is required to ensure consistency in hazard identification and risk control.

How much does a Traffic Management Plan cost?

Our Traffic Impact Assessment reports start at $650 and scale from there according to the size and complexity of the project and number of TGS required. However on more general terms, we find our rates are often 20-30% lower than traditional transport engineering firms. 

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