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Traffic Impact Assessment

INFRA Engineering provides Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) services to Victoria and New South Wales at unbeatable prices and turnaround times.

What we offer:

INFRA Engineering produces Traffic Impact Assessment reports to the highest technical degree while maintaining a focus on simple terminology and ease-of-understanding to assist in the approval of your development by all stakeholders.


We understand the politics that surrounds any new development and aim to produce Traffic Impact Assessment reports that navigates these difficulties while providing strategic advice to our clients to help them realise their goals.

Truck Driving On Highway

What is a Traffic Impact Assessment?

Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) help governing bodies, such as State Roads Authorities (eg. Vic Roads TrNSW) or Local Councils, determine the impacts that a proposed development will have on the surround transport network.

High density developments can have a significant impact on the number of road users in the area and can affect things such as peak-hour congestion and available parking spaces - to name a few of the common concerns.

When compiling a Traffic Impact Assessment, INFRA Engineering will analyse the existing road network, model the predicted future transport load and summarise the expected outcomes and constraints on the surrounding transport network. This analysis will accompany expert recommendations on how the impacts can be mitigated to ensure the proposed development can progress in harmony with the surrounding area and inhabitants.

Why should you choose INFRA Engineering for a Traffic Impact Assessment?

INFRA Engineering is a collective of expert engineers and planners with unrivalled experience in the traffic and transport industry.

We're a virtual firm, meaning our team members work from their homes or shared spaces all over Australia. Because of our efficient structure, we eschew many of the overheads of traditional engineering firms, meaning we pass on most of our savings to our customers in the form of lower prices.

How much does a Traffic Impact Assessment cost?

Our Traffic Impact Assessment reports generally start at around $2000 and scale from there according to the size and complexity of the project. However on more general terms, we find our rates are often 20-30% lower than traditional transport engineering firms. 

Have a question for a Transport Engineer?

  • Are you managing a new council project?

  • Is your new development going to greatly increase the volume of traffic in an residential area?

  • Are you revamping an intersection to address Australia's fast growing congestion issues?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Simply fill our project form and we'll get back to you within the hour.

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